Our Mission

The mission of Fly Fishing Veterans is to provide physical and emotional support to All Who Served in our Armed Forces, First Responder and Healthcare careers through activities associated with fly fishing


Our Vision

We strive to improve the lives of the Veterans, First Responders, Healthcare Providers and their families throughout our communities. We do this through an all-volunteer network to provide compassionate and supportive engagement in fly tying, rod building, gear selection, casting, outings, etc.

Our Core Values


Fly Fishing Veterans creates a sense of family by mentoring and supporting one another with dignity, passion, respect, and humility.


Fly Fishing Veterans enables our veterans and volunteers to improve upon their physical and mental health to bring balance and normalcy into their lives while fostering supportive relationships and restoring the camaraderie they came to know through their careers while serving their communities and our Great Nation.


Fly Fishing Veterans organization provides quality skills and resources for veterans and volunteers founded on proven standards of excellence.


Fly Fishing Veterans remains accountable to our veterans, volunteers, and to our donors.

Fly fishing for the greater good

Become part of a community that understands what you've been through and is committed to helping you move forward. You'll have the opportunity to connect with other veterans who share similar experiences and challenges, and you'll gain the support you need to achieve your goals and improve your overall well-being.

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